After the whirlwind year and a half of Nabiha's life following the release of her debut hit album Cracks, the dynamic performer prepares for the release of her latest offering 'TROUBLE' which will come with a new edition of her album now called; 'More Cracks' and takes a moment to reflect on her music, blessings, family and inspirations.

"You can change things in the world, but you have to change them in yourself first." Nabiha's new music is inspired by the changes that have taken place in her life over the course of the last 18 months as a result of her unique blend of pop music taking flight.

In 2010 with 'Deep Sleep', 'The Enemy' and 'Cracks in the Concrete' (taken from Nabiha's debut album Cracks, produced by Carl Ryden, London/LA) all top 10 hits on Danish radio, you could hear Nabiha's music everywhere from TV, radio to film and even the prestigious site Popjustice made her 'Song of the day' 3 times.

The single 'Deep Sleep' became Nabiha's first gold hit. Followed by non-stop live, television and radio performances in Denmark, Germany and Poland, including the Danish Music Awards (she was nominated for "New Artist Of The Year"), tours with James Morrison, Jason Derulo, Jamie Cullum; additional accolades include being named "Artist Of The Year" at The Best African Achievement Awards in 2010 and several other prestigious nominations incl. National Radio Awards "Listeners Hit Of The Year" & "New Talent Of The Year".

That was only the beginning...In August 2011 Nabiha will release her latest Single 'Trouble', followed by the new edition of her album in September. Nabiha describes 'Trouble' as a stress relief song. "This song is about me learning to deal with the new changes in my life, and keeping up with deadlines, worrying about paying the bills, and pushing myself as an artist - while trying to stay creative and positive at the same time.The new music on 'More Cracks', is an up tempo mix of Nabiha's signature pop sound for worldwide release, More Cracks adds four new tracks to eight tracks from the Cracks album. Nabiha headed to Los Angeles and London to collaborate with Carl Ryden, Tommy D (Graffiti 6), Melodye Perry (U2, Michael Jackson) and Michelle Escoffery (Anastacia) "I really wanted to work a bit more on Cracks, as so much has happened over the last year in my life, so four new songs have now replaced some others and I can't wait to introduce it to the world". The plan is now in motion and is off to a great start...

Nabiha Is soon heading to LA to write and perform for MTVLearning to adjust to her new lifestyle as an international recording artist, growing and developing as a young woman, Nabiha continues to spread her message of positivity but never forgets her strong roots which continue to inspire her music and life.

Born the eldest of six brothers and sisters, Nabiha's musical beginnings flourished in her home with music, dancing and singing. Nabiha's strong positive female image was vastly inspired at home as well, "I grew up with a welcoming, loving, strong Mother and Grandmother figures who taught me a lot, I was constantly inspired by love and people around me, I feel lucky."

As a young girl, Nabiha explored music at school by taking lessons in various instruments until the encouragement of a teacher led her to try singing, her first performance a hit, shortly followed by experiments in various genres of music including an all female ska band, rock, jazz, urban, r&b and electronic/house.

All of which are woven into the fabric of her music today.A very private person Nabiha enjoys connecting with her fans through her music, expressing feelings through her lyrics can have an impact on another person, they identify with a situation or a feeling when they listen.

One of Nabiha's favorite moments of connecting is being on stage while fans sing her lyrics from the audience. During "Deep Sleep" that connection gets very personal when fans sing an African lullaby Nabiha's Mother used to sing to her as a child.

Nabiha is very proud of both her Danish and African heritages; she tries to stay connected to Africa and visits as frequently as possible. "The way people care for each other in Africa is inspiring, happy, positive; they share what little they have with you, everyone should try to visit in their lifetime."All of these things make up the woman and her music, Nabiha's positive gift to the world.

Expect a new album from Nabiha in 2012, the artist is writing now.