Check out what Selena had to say about surfing, how it has changed her life and find out what she's up to now.

10 Questions With Selena

1. How did your experience being MADE change you as a person?

It changed my personality from negative to positive. I found something that I want to stick with. Going to Baja helped me see out of my world and into the real world.

2. How have your friends reacted to you being MADE?

They want me to teach them how to surf!

3. If you could change one thing you said or did during MADE, what would it be?

Not to be so mean or quiet when people are talking to me, and definitely practice more!

4. What are you up to now?

I'll be acting and surfing on the side and doing hair still. Living my life with my family.

5. What was the hardest part about being MADE? Did you ever want to give up?

The cameras made it extra hard coming to the house early in the morning, waking me up and having to get up and talk to the camera. I wanted to give up when we went to Mexico because I wanted to do good and I didn't catch waves the first day, so I wanted to quit.

6. Will you miss your coach?

I definitely will miss my coach, he is so sweet.

7. Tell us one thing you learned about yourself while being MADE.

I learned that if I try my hardest, that's all that matters and in the end it pays off.

8. How did it feel to have cameras following you around at all times?

First three days were fabulous, fun, but after that, oh my gosh, it was annoying. No time alone to just think--had to explain what I was thinking.

9. What advice can you give to kids who have a dream but don't know how to reach it?

Tell someone you know about your dream and write a letter to show if you truly are compassionate about it and want to make it work...write a letter so people hear your peace.

10. What one word would you use to describe your experiences on MADE?